starch of mixed pea and corn vermicelli
starch of pea vermicelli
starch of potato vermicelli
starch of pure mung bean vermicelli.
Packing details
1000g, 500g, 250g. 100g, 50g etc/bag
25kg x 250 ctns PER 20' container
Longkou vermicelli
Longkou vermicelli is named by the original producing place "Longkou", It has 300 years history, and selling very well all over the world .We are one of the strongest and integrated manufacturing company from China. We have a factory in the original place of vermicelli ——Longkou City. And with product lines and processing workshops of more than 10,000 square meters for different types vermicelli. The supply ability is 600 metric tons every month.
The technological producing process is rather complex, which is combined with the best science and the traditional process. It requires our workers professional enough to master all the respects of the process, pay more attentions in weather, temperature, water and wind speed. The machined out of vermicelli looks slight transparent and silk uniform. It can soak in water last for 48 hours, non-discoloring and non-broken.Tastes refreshing and chewy.