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Peanuts and Peanut Products
We produce Raw Peanut Kernels into Blanched Peanut Kernels and Peanut Butter in our own factory. As you know, Shandong Province is the Number 1 producing place of Peanuts in China, our company is one of the 10 companies in Shandong Province which have the right to export their Peanut Products to Europe, we have skilled technical specialist in our factory to control the quality, we can control the Aflatoxin Content in our Peanut Products very well. With over 17 years exporting experience of Peanut Products to Europe, we become familiar with the market of Peanuts in Europe and know well about European Business Custom. Right now, we export our Peanut Products to Europe each month and our Peanut Products enjoy good sale there.
About the Peanut Kernel there are many kinds as follows:
Red Skin Peanut Kernels
LONG SHAPE: 24/28,28/32,34/38,38/42,45/55
ROUND SHAPE: 35/40,40/50,50/60,60/70,70/90
Blanched Peanut Kernels
LONG SHAPE: 25/29,29/33,35/39,39/43
ROUND SHAPE: 36/41,41/51,51/61