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About Dried Goji Berry ,our usual size is: 280grains/50g, 380 grains/50g,550 grains/50g,700grains/50g, we mainly export to EU countries (Germany,France,Spain)and Japan ,Korea and so on. We can control Total Plate Count to reach Japanese standard (10,000 cfu Max./g)
First, we purchase the Goji Berry directly from the farmers in Ningxia( the quality of Goji Berry here is the best) and select by hand strictly in our own factory. All the Admixture and Imperfect Grains are picked out in this course. And then we make the raw material into dried goji berry, goji powder, goji juice and so on. We controll from the place of origin goji berry orchard. We select special farmland to grow super goji berry , we keep it natural, do not spray riskiest pesticide like other Small-scale farmers, we use biological pesticide.
Second, we spray biological dispersant to the soil, which could decompose the pesticide residue left in the soil.